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        • Case name: itting(colling industry)
        • Use material: special stainless steel
        • Subordinate industry: Refrigeration Equipment (export refrigerator solenoid valve)
        • Technological requirements:
        • Processing equipment: RNC-15E RNC-20E can be processed
        • Viewed:

        Part Name: Connector A
        Material: special stainless steel
        Trade: Refrigeration Equipment (export refrigerator solenoid valve)
        Process requirements: end finish required 0.4 above, the inner hole 0.8mm, all outside diameter stepped dimensional accuracy for the
        ± 0.01, outer diameter finish of 0.8 required turning the outer diameter of the inner hole, cut a fixture complete, all size
        Needs to remain stable for a long time.
        Processing equipment: RNC-15E RNC-20E can be processed

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